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.. однако университетские социологи в США проанализировав
американские блоги о политике пришли к такому же выводу,
что и автор поста:
'либералы' ведут более жесткую цензуру и много чаще 'банят'
чем консерваторы

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W.F.Engdahl at MSU

W.F.Engdahl's address at MSU on 04 October 2011

[TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: some missing words designated with '???' were covered by random noises etc. Also in one or two places Mr. Engdahl's sentences were not fully finished from a grammatical point of view, possibly because of the need to interrupt himself for the interpreter to cut in. This is quite normal for a live transcript and the meaning of the lecturer comes across very clearly and precisely in spite of this]

Thank you very much fo the possibility to be here today. I want to say some words on the geopolitical situation in our world today in the year 2011.

It may come as no surprise to most of you that in 1991 from the side of the sole remaining superpower the Cold War never ended. Instead when the Warsaw Pact dissolved and the Soviet Union with it NATO continued to expand eastward right up to the borders or Russia. The methods of this new cold war were transformed and instead of nuclear weapons although that remained the weapons became the International Monetary Fund and Harvard University shock therapy from Jeffrey Sachs and others. The strategic aim was and remains today the dismantling of Russia as a functioning nation in order to control Eurasia. In his now famous book "The Great Chess Game" Zbignev Brzezinski, a consultant to every President since Jimmy Carter, noted that Eurasia is the only landmass on the face of the Earth with the population, the natural resources, the intellectual capabilities to pose a challenge to America's sole hegemony.
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